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Patrick Land
Personal Trainer

M|0438 388 711

Melbourne, VIC.

Enquire now to get started.

text or call 0438388711

email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hello, my name is Patrick Land

I am a fully qualified personal trainer and a member of Fitness Australia as well as an IKFF Kettlebell teacher.

Running is not usually part of my training programmes as you can do this without supervision on your own if you want to. 

I keep the routines interesting and challenging whatever your fitness goals may be.

I start with basic body weight exercises and progress as you become fitter.

For less than the cost of a movie ticket you can get started with no fixed plans or upfront cost.

So what are the benefits of having a mobile trainer?

Working mobile allows me to visit my clients and train them in the atmosphere they feel most comfortable in. Furthermore, I bring all of the necessary equipment with me. I train one on one, Bootcamps for all ages and fitness levels.

We can train at your home, in your garage, spare room or outdoors at the local park.
You can choose your hours, even at work during your lunch break.
I also have group sessions where people from work or family get together to get fit and have fun. Group sessions are a great way to get & stay motivated.

You don't need to have a gym membership or have ever done exercise before. It simply doesn't matter where you're starting from, I can improve your fitness and motivation. 


From Jen

I initially started training with Patrick for an injury I had in my right arm, I had tried chiro's, naturopath, Dr's and every one else I thought could help. I had a tear in the muscle that lasted nearly 2 years, I was in so much pain for so long. I was told I would need surgery then on going physio.

Via word of mouth I heard about Patrick and was told he might be able to help.... He sure did!! within 6 months the tear in my arm was healed, I had 100% full use & strength.
Lower back pains that I'd had for many year that I thought was hereditary - disappeared

I was never really a fan of exercise, gyms, eating right or mornings for that matter, I soon found myself up & ready to train on my days off.
He showed me that exercise with the right trainer can be beneficial and his results proved that.
I now get up at a decent hour full of energy, I sleep more peacefully & have no arm or back pains, his even got me eating right - BY CHOICE!! and I feel fantastic, having him as my personal trainer was the best thing I ever did, for medical reasons, my self esteem & my weight - I'm a dress size down.
Patrick has helped in so many ways & I will be forever grateful. WinkLaughing

From Annette

I hated my body....in fact, I hated my life because of my body. After many agonizing months of self loathing, I finally decided to do something about it and that's when I contacted Patrick. I'd done the round of gyms but I just couldn't keep the motivation up. Patrick encouraged me at each and every session. It got to a point where I actually looked forward to training. It was never easy though. I had to work hard. Even though it's hard work, Patrick had me laughing (normally at my clumsy self) each week. As the weeks passed, the exercises became more demanding, but to my amazement, I coped. Now, I love my body & I have the confidence to dress better & I'm getting amazing comments from my friends & family about how terrific I look. It's not even so much about how I look.....it's how I feel....and I feel amazing. I have so much energy and so much strength. Actually, it is a bit about how I look....I have shape & now my curves are where they're meant to be! Thanks Patrick for helping to reinvent me & helping me to love myself.Laughing

The answer you never want to hear

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they started talking about their plans or dreams for the future? You listen intently and decide to open your heart and confide to them your innermost dreams only to get the reply... "What, at your age!" "In your condition!" "With your bad back!" "As if!" Or, the best reply of all," IN YOUR DREAMS, TUBBY". Unfortunately these comments dig deep and embed themselves in our minds so that we begin to believe all of the negativity. Guess what? IT'S ALL CRAP The fact is you are going on a journey right now. You are reading this message because you WANT to make a change. 

Getting into condition is as simple as getting out of condition. At what time do you decide "THAT'S IT, I'VE HAD IT"?  The first thing you have to do is sit down in a quiet area away from everyone and tell yourself that "I am what I am because of the choices I have made". That's right, stop blaming everything and everyone. Take responsibility for your choices. Start making healthy choices and gain knowledge. Take small steps in the right direction and you will get results as long as you keep going.

Focus on a step by step plan that you an I work out together, to get the best results.

Replace Bad Habits with Good Ones.

When we give something up we leave a gap in our routines. So, replace that bad habit with a good habit. After time you will have forgotten your urge to go back to your old ways.

I know what you're thinking -"Sure, it's easy for you to say"

I was extremely unhealthy and had a lot of bad habits. I now am fitter than I have ever been.

I had all of those conversations with people where they put me down for wanting to improve myself.

OK, so let's go through the excuses...

How long has it been since you first thought about getting fit before you actually did some exercise?

I think I have the world record!

How about 20 years? That's right! 20 frustrating years of being overweight and telling myself that this weekend or starting next month I will start exercising, knowing that I was going to put it off once more. And when we tell our friends or family of our plans, they just say "Yeah, you always say that" with a smirk on their faces. The negativity is one thing but what about the many things I didn't do because I was too tired or embarrassed about my condition. Once I went down a slide at wet and wild with the kids and got stuck half way, blocking everyone behind me only to be greeted by the attendant shaking his head in anger. I cannot tell you how depressed I got that day and how many Tim Tams I ate in self loathing.

You cannot be good for others until you are good to yourself!

Why we do not succeed at getting in shape is a complex problem for most of us. Having someone to meet regularly means you have to commit to making your health a priority. Most of the time we put everyone and everything in front of what is really good for us. There is nothing wrong with a little "Me myself I" time every day. Once you embrace this you will feel more patient, understanding and focused about the people around you.

OK, so where do we start?

First things first.

1. Take control of your health.

2. Contact me on this number 0438 388 711 Or Contact Me on my website.

There is no obligation conversation with me about your goals and where you are at right now. You will be talking to someone who truly knows where you are coming from.

3. See your doctor for a check up and inform him about your intentions to start a training programme. I know it seems to be a lot of trouble to go through but this is where you must change your mentality and start looking after number 1.

4. Book me in for your first session where we can make plans for the future. 5. Get a good pair of runners and wear comfortable clothing and don't forget to bring a towel and a bottle of water. I look forward to hearing from you and being part of your new life.

Let me tell you about some of my clients:

Jill aged 35 is a client who lives in a city apartment building with a gym in the basement area for the tenants to use. I visit her 3 times a week and we workout for an hour. Jill has said that without my guidance and structured programme she would not have made the best use of the facilities available to her.

Joanne aged 65 leads a very busy life and does not like going to the gym. I visit Joanne twice a week and I train her for core strength. An unexpected bonus for her was the improvement to her golf game. We train in her sitting room. Bill aged 50 also has a busy lifestyle. We meet 3 times a week and exercise in his local park which is within easy walking distance of his home.

Josh aged 20 trains 3 times a week and has lost weight and toned up. His wife now trains with him and she also has experienced great results. They look forward to every session as they spur each other on.

Sabrina aged 12 was lacking in motivation and did not like sports. We have fun filled sessions twice a week in her back yard. With her new found fitness & enthusiasm she has taken up basketball and is doing well.

You could be the next Jill, Joanne, Josh or Sabrina...and it's only a phone call away.

Thank you, Patrick Land.